June 2015, FashionClash Festival

For her Spring/Summer 2015 collection, presented in Maastricht at FashionClash Festival, Amber narrates “Once Upon a Dream… She Got Smothered By Reality.”

Elegant, submissive, passive they await their salvation. To rescue a princess from magical imprisonment, a handsome prince who never met her before must first try to slay the evil force. It is such a shame that classic Disney fairy tales set up girls for disappointment and codependency. The idea of their prince having to revive her with a kiss or potion or countless other failing remedies is toxic and old fashioned. Amber Ambrose Aurèle analyzed the rebellion and longing to be self-sufficient of these Disney damsels. Poisonous kisses is a reference to the harmful belief women need to be beautiful and helpless in awaiting for her only destiny in life; finding true love.

So many fairytales were about their households, and about being punished for crossing lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Accepting shiny apples, touching a spindle, being humble and subservience is more important than being courageous and confident. Even when the princess is adventurous and on a mission, she willingly gives up her identity for a man she never even met before. Only since the 90s has the message been firm to never underestimate the power of a princess.

Life is more beautiful, raw, painful, exhilarating, and spectacular than Disney ever taught you. We don’t need to be saved; we just need heels. And sometimes they are 3D-printed.

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January 2014, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam

For her Fall/Winter 2014 collection, presented in Amsterdam at Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week, Amber Ambrose Aurèle explores new ways of losing herself and falling in love.

Her Happiness Is Never Her Own is a story inspired by Hamlet’s young Ophelia reaching madness and her struggle of being truly happy without the influence of others. She is drowning in pain but still stays feminine and strong while being stuck between two different worlds.

Inspired by the reflection of water, its form was translated into the use of mirror-porcelain and Plexiglas to represent the two sides of Ophelia and her search for happiness. Dark romance is suggested through the use of embossed latex and ponytails.

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June 2012, ArtEZ No Show

“Turning the lights on.”

Haute couture creations are snapshots of innovation and symbiosis of everyday need in fashion. What are the limits of capturing divine inspiration?

Amber Ambrose Aurèle suggests capturing light in the Coruscate Imprisonment collection through print design and clever footwear engineering. Striving not to demonstrate only the romantic and swift beauty that is often found in modern-day fast fashion, Amber created one of a kind shoes that light up in the dark powered by LED-fabric. Amber stayed true to her spirit of bridging fashion and another discipline by working together with industry experts.

Amber worked with materials and techniques that associate with light. Translucent Plexiglas and reflecting aluminum heels emphasize light and color play. Full-print galaxies hold membrane-like illuminating LED-fabric.

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June 2012, ArtEZ No Show

For Hidden Messages in Water, Amber Ambrose Aurèle explored the possibilities of complete transformation without changing one’s essence.

Amber’s desire to display different forms of one composition brought her across the work of professor Masaru Emoto and his research on the molecule structure of water. She implemented this pseudoscience on how human consciousness has an effect on water in the sculptural open construction of the heels. Metamorphosis suggested through a composition of icy hard and volatile soft material; the stages water can be found in.

Amber pursues to be innovative in every collection by introducing a new technique. Her heels are the first ever 3D-printed from metal.

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June 2012, ArtEZ No Show

“In Garden of Eden.”

Intrigued by the origin of Seduction, Amber Ambrose Aurèle has developed shoes straight out of the Garden of Eden that represent the contrast between good and evil in women – a power that was strong enough to cause the downfall of mankind.

The triptych focuses on sin found in the purest places and beauty found in the darkest places: the capability of merciless sensuality in femmes fragiles and sweet persuasion in femmes fatales. Amber worked with flirtatious feathers on her seductive heels that are signature sky-high. Ultra-feminine straps imply the serpent’s dark seduction. Original Sin(suality) illustrates what women are capable of: having soft and fragile characteristics and being empowered sexually at the same time.

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